Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Tuesday 4th August 2009

Today the ears have had a varietous time!

On the way to work in the car:
Nirvana - Nirvana

Listening on my phone while walking:
Deep Purple - The Best Of

On the way home from work in the car:
Haydn - Drumroll Symphony

At home, while doing my accounts:
Schubert - Wanderer Fantasie
Schumann - Fantasie Op.17

Then, on the recommendation of tweep @5357311:
Public Image Limited - Metal Box/Second Edition

In the bath:
Mozart - Piano Sonata K457
Mozart - Piano Concerto K488

Was feeling very edgy & a bit hyper when I went for my walk - Deep Purple suited the mood perfectly.

Brain was feeling pretty jumbled & I needed to drive home safely. Haydn is just wonderful in such circumstances. Feels like every note is placed just right, and with each note, a bit more of my brain just gets popped back into a more suitable place. Order, structure, beauty, wonderful.

Schubert & Schumann - long been faves of mine. Lovely disc - Pollini

Public Image Limited - WAHEY. This is cool stuff. Sounds way ahead of its time. I particularly liked the instrumental stuff. Will go back to it again soon I hope for another listen.

Mozart - one of the MP3 players seems to be having a random time - this was just what came. Lovely though, both of them!!

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