Saturday, 22 August 2009

Saturday 22nd August 2009

Well, a fairly minimal day for the ears today, partly because I spent most of the day catching up on sleep! By the time I surfaced today, the morning was almost gone, and once we'd breakfasted and been to the butchers, that was that.

In the car on the way to the butcher and back:
Gary Numan - A bit more "Best of" including "Cars" (fab song)

This afternoon, at my desk:
Mozart - Horn Concertos No.1 and 2

This evening, on TV:
Beethoven - Fidelio (from the Proms)

Planned for bath:
Beethoven - Op.29 String Quintet.

A couple of comments about bath listening.
Last night - I remembered how utterly, heartmeltingly beautiful the second movement of the Emperor concerto is. Truly one of the most amazing things in all of creation. I was too tired to log back into the blog so just tweeted a tweet. It seems I am not alone in my thoughts on this matter.
Tonight - I heard Op.29 on the radio when I was quite small and loved it. At the time I was too young to buy music or have access to decent record shops. I kept the piece of paper with "Beethoven Op.29" written on it for about 10 years before I was eventually able to buy a copy and listen to it again. I never forgot that first hearing though.


  1. Do you have Numan's The Pleasure Principle Ann? Well worth a spin. Quite punk rock in its way.

  2. Cool - I'll find on Spotify or get hold of - I like Numan! Thanks :)