Monday, 10 August 2009

One Month With My Ears!

Well, I can hardly believe that a whole month has elapsed since I started this project. To celebrate, I thought I’d write just a few words about my experience of the project so far. If you’re new to this blog and want to know how it all started, you can find out here!

As with all new projects, I set off with considerable enthusiasm, which lasted about a week and a bit. A few people were obviously looking at my posts, although not many. In the early days I was worried about annoying my tweeps or facebook friends so I didn’t really advertise very much and consequently didn’t get very much traffic. I’ve now settled into a steady tweet once a day, simply telling people that “Ears are up!” and I stick a note on my facebook wall from time to time.

After about 2 weeks, when I was wondering whether it was worth continuing with the project, I had a bit of a breakthrough. The ears got their first follower and their first comment! They now have four lovely followers, and have received a few more comments too. I’ve also had tweets about the project or pieces I’ve listened to, so feel even more encouraged to continue.

So, has the project had any impact on my listening?

Well, yes it has! In an effort to make each day’s listening list just a little bit interesting and balanced, I have listened to a much wider range of music than I might have done before. I’ve been terribly conscious if I have a day when I only listen to classical music or one where I only listen to indie/rock music. I’ve also been trawling through my CDs, and even my cassettes, to find new things to listen to and I’ve rediscovered quite a lot of music I haven’t listened to for some time.

I’ve also started following up recommendations for listening sent to me by my tweeps (as much as time will permit at the moment). In this way, I’m actually starting to discover more and more new music (something which I find very exciting), as well as renewing my acquaintance with old friends.

I’ve also used quite a lot of post-it notes. Remembering the day’s listening is easy enough at home when I can just pile up CD cases by the computer, but when I’m listening in the car or on the iPlayer through earphones at work it gets a bit more difficult. I think I’m pretty much managing to keep track of everything though!

Anyway, I hope those of you that look at my slightly varietous listening lists are enjoying the experience. Feel free to say so below if you are, and thank you so much for bothering to peek into the world of my ears!

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