Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Wednesday 7th October 2009

And finally, on my bid to catch up, here are today's ears!

In the car, bits of:
Little Boots - Hands

At home this morning:
Sibelius - Symphonies 4 & 6

This afternoon:
Haydn - Piano Concerto in D, No.11, 1st Mvmt (Spotify link tweeted by @iamamro)

This evening:
Haydn - Harpsichord (Piano) Concerto in D, No.11
Haydn - Harpsichord & Violin Concerto
Haydn - Hornsignal Symphony

The Haydn disc from this evening has a bit of a story attached. I bought it many years ago, when I was a small 1st year undergrad about to fail some exams fairly spectacularly (I came bottom of the school & got the record for the lowest mark ever, simply by sitting for most of the exam doing absolutely nothing).
Highly stressed & wondering what to do about it, I wondered into the classical bit of HMV on Cornmarket, and there was this most wonderful music playing. I instantly started to feel better, so simply walked up to the counter and said "Whatever this is that's on, I'll buy it". Fortunately for my bank manager's blood pressure it was a budget CD and not a complete works box set!
It was my constant listening for the rest of term & I know it rather well. In fact, I can still smell my college room whenever I listen to it!
The spotify link put me onto it, and it's on repeat for the rest of the evening!

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