Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Wednesday 16th September 2009

Here are today's ears!

In the car on the way to work:
Mozart - C Minor mass (nearly all)

At work, on youtube, tweeted about by @MMmusing:
Beethoven - Cello Sonata No.3, 1st mvmt (Ma & Ax)

During my walk - on my phone:
The Boxer Rebellion - Union

On the way home in the car:
Mozart - C Minor mass (end)
Mozart - Linz Symphony

At home:
Mozart - Flute Concertos in G, D. Andante in C, Flute & Harp Concerto

In an early bath:
Bach - St Matthew Passion (first 30 mins or so)

On Spotify following tweet & fb recommendation by @iamamro:
Vivaldi - Concerto for 2 trumpets in C Major RV537
Vivaldi - Concerto in Bb RV548
Vivaldi - Concertos Op.8 No.s 5 onwards.

Apologies for the lack of comments on ears recently. Been a bit busy, so just keeping up with what I've listened to has been all I've managed. Will try to return to slightly more interesting posts soon.

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