Saturday, 19 September 2009

Friday 18th September 2009

A little late, but here are yesterday's ears!

In the car on the way to work:
Mozart - Clarinet Concerto, Bassoon Concerto, Oboe Concerto.

On my phone, while walking:
Dvorak - Symphony No.6

On the way home from work:
Schubert - Piano Trio D898

At home in the evening:
Nirvana - Nirvana

Mozart - Quintet for Piano & Wind K452 (recommended by @iamamro)

Comment: Dvorak's 6th Symphony. This is a great one for me, because I played it with an orchestra I used to be in (and was chairman of for a while), when I was in a particularly happy and stable state. One of the few times in my life where my income was almost enough to cover my expenditure, I had a rewarding job during the day, and a decent social & musical life outside of work time. Consequently, it's a very happy sort of a piece for me. Although the stability didn't last, the associations of that time with Dvorak 6 are still very much with me, which is, I think, why I keep it on my phone.

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