Saturday, 5 September 2009

Saturday 5th September 2009

Finally, doing the ears on the correct day!

At home all day today. Started off with:
Beethoven - Triple Concerto (is this getting familiar?)
Brahms - Double Concerto

Then, prompted by a bunch of tweets last night from @wheresrunnicles, @_FK_, @Cigleris
Bach - The Art of Fugue (Walcha)
Bach - 18 Chorales of Diverse Kinds, Schubler Chorales, Chorale Partita "Sei gegrusset"

Then the prom broadcast on BBC2:
Purcell - Abdelazer suite: No.1 Overture; No.5 Minuett ; No.3 Aire (in D major); No.8 Hornpipe; No.4 Aire (in G major); No.2 Rondeau
Handel - Water Music Suite No.2 in D major - 1) Allegro; 2) Hornpipe; 3) Minuet; 4) Lentement; 5) Bourree
Haydn - Scena di Berenice
Mendelssohn - Symphony No.3 in A minor, 'Scottish'

Then, following from the Mendelssohn:
Mendelssohn - Symphony No.4 'Italian'

This evening:
The Beatles - Abbey Road

Quite a good day for the ears I'd say!

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