Monday, 7 September 2009

Monday 7th September 2009

Hello, here are today's ears!

Car music today:
Handel - Nisi Dominus

Home music today:
Beethoven - Triple Concerto (did you guess?)
Brahms - Double Concerto
Beethoven - Symphony No.3
Beethoven - Grosse Fuge (orchestrated)

Then a couple of old tape compilations that I happened to locate:
One I called "Music for Warm Afternoons"
Brahms - 1st mvmt of vln sonata No.1
Schubert - 2nd mvmt of string quintet
Brahms - 2nd mvmt of vln concerto
Haydn - 4th mvmt of symphony 31
Chopin - E Major prelude Op.28
Brahms - slow mvmt from Op.18 sextet
Tchaikovsky - slow mvmt from symphony 1
Schubert - 2nd mvmt D959 piano sonata
Beethoven - slow mvmt Symphony 7
Villa-Lobos - Aria Bachiana Brasiliera 5

The other I called "Slow Music for Wistful Moods"
Wagner - Prelude to Lohengrin
Mendelssohn - Op.44 No.3 slow mvmt
Liszt - Consolation No.3
Brahms - Symphony No.1 slow mvmt
Taverner - O Wilhelme Pastor Bone
Mozart - Linz symphony slow mvmt
Britten - Phaedrus dialogue from Death in Venice
Brahms - Funeral Hymn
Haydn - Op.76 No.5 slow mvmt
Beethoven - Slow mvmt from Pathetique sonata
Mozart - Slow mvmt from Gran Partita
Bruch - Kol Nidre (played by Huberman)
Pergolesi - Quando Corpus from Stabat Mater
Schumann - Dichterliebe no.s 10 & 12
Mozart - Masonic Funeral Music

Crumbs, that was rather more typing than I bargained for!

Tchaikovsky - Symphony No.6, Romeo & Juliet Overture, Symphony No.5, Capriccio Italien

The compilations both date from 1995. I used to be very keen on making such things. These days I tend to listen to whole works and don't really do odd movements in quite the way I used to. However, most of those pieces (even just the isolated movements) are such favourites of mine. I also find it quite interesting to know what I was listening to back then. These compilations are on cassette, so it would have taken me a bit of time to make them. I've also written every track on the outside of the box, which would have taken even longer.


  1. I have so much stuff on tape!

    I played my LPs exactly once - to copy them to tape. Then I played the tape until it wore out. Then I made another copy. The plan was to preserve the LPs as much as possible.

    Now I have to preserve the stylus!

  2. That sounds very familiar! I still have many many drawers full of cassettes. It's SO difficult to keep up with whatever's current, and I can't afford to keep replacing things. I'm gradually in the process of trying to get all my recordings converted to wav and MP3 files, but it takes SO long. I've also got a whole sideboard full of 78s, I think it'll take me for ever to convert them!

    Good luck with the stylus preservation!