Friday, 10 July 2009

A Year With My Ears!

Today is my birthday, which is great, because I get to eat cake, and I like cake! However, since I have recently become a bit of a blogger, I thought I would celebrate this birthday with a new blog.

I’ve already got a blog, which most of you have probably been reading. That blog is about many and various things. It is written in paragraphs with full sentences, and is already assuming a life of its own. This blog will be a bit different.

It was partly inspired by the tweets of many of my twitter folk. I follow quite a lot of musicians because I like music, and they often tweet about what they are listening to. Sometimes this gives me ideas of things I’d like to listen to. Sometimes I listen to things on links they send me.

It was also inspired by the website of a new tweep of mine @whatkatiewore, which I discovered through my wonderful tweep @strobegirl. The website is fabulous: Katie is on a mission to wear a different outfit every day for a year, and her boyfriend takes a picture of her wearing the outfit and writes a paragraph about it.

I love this idea, but I’m afraid a blog about my outfits might be SERIOUSLY dull. Many days I just stick on a pair of jeans and an old t-shirt (today’s attire is a pair of jogging bottoms and a Red Nose Day 1999 t-shirt (and that’s one of the more youthful members of my wardrobe). Even my creative husband would struggle to make interesting words out of most of what I wear!

However, I do listen to A LOT of music. And it’s generally quite varied music. So I’m going to invite you all to spend “A Year With My Ears”. I shall make no attempt to write any further posts in paragraphs (unless I really feel I want to – the beauty of having a blog is that I can break my own rules if I like). I shall TRY to post every day, although there will be times when I am unable to post and I shall have to catch up later.

If you’re very lucky, my ears will have a fantastically interesting year and you’ll have something new to look at (and maybe listen to) every day. I don’t promise to provide detailed information about my listening, but I’ll try to include everything I hear on CD or MP3, on the radio (which I listen to quite a lot at work), in the car (where I constantly listen to music), or even on the TV (watching concerts and that sort of thing – I’m not going to mention hearing the theme tune to Eastenders 4 nights a week)!!!

If you’re less lucky then I might run out of steam, make only patchy entries and have to abandon the project before my next birthday (hope that won’t happen). Or worse, I’ll spend 4 solid months listening to one CD as I did a few years ago. In case you’re interested, it was a disc set of Bach Piano Transcriptions made by Rummel with which I became completely and utterly obsessed. The ever patient Wonderspouse spent every car journey for 4 months listening to 25 tracks, and was, I think, quite relieved when I moved on to pastures new!

Welcome to “A Year With My Ears!” Enjoy!!

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