Thursday, 16 July 2009

Thursday 16th July 2009

Well, in between all sorts of other goings on today, the following music has entered my ears:

In the car this morning while driving Wonderspouse to bus, and driving to my neighbour's doctor:
Blur - Midlife

At home, while at my desk:
Radiohead - The Bends (Still my fave Radiohead Album)

Spicing things up a bit:
Ligeti - Grand Macabre (earlier version) Disc 1

Downloaded from their website:
Reverend & The Makers - Professor Pickles (New album French Kiss in the Chaos out July 27th I believe - yippeeee!)

In the car driving to my friend's house & home again:
Muse - Black Holes & Revelations
Nirvana - Nirvana

At home, at my desk, being peaceful & refined:
Vivaldi - Concertos for lute, lute & viola d'amore, mandolin, 2 mandolins, etc.

Haven't yet had my bath, but I have music lined up ready:
Shostakovich - Viola Sonata.

A pretty busy day for the ears. A pretty mad day for me. Actually, feeding stuff into the ears really helps me to cope with whatever life throws at me. That's probably why I keep doing it. Such a good job that one's ears don't get obese, no matter how much you feed them. If they did, mine would be enormous!

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