Saturday, 25 July 2009

Saturday 25th July 2009

First, a confession, listened to a bit more music after posting last night. Not much, because I fell asleep, but I did hear Oasis doing Champagne Supernova at the i-tunes festival. Just thought I should mention it for completeness's sake!

OK, now down to today's business.

First thing this morning I settled down with:
Morton Feldman - The Viola in My Life (just got the sheet music to number 3, new project)

Then, since it's all now available I downloaded & listened to:
Muse - United States of Eurasia

After breakfast I returned to the Beethoven (see yesterday's post):
Beethoven - Symphony No.6
Beethoven - Symphony No.8

Then the postman arrived, bringing my newly ordered CD:
James Rhodes - razor blades, little pills, big pianos (Bach French Suite 5, Beethoven Op.90, Chopin Ballade No.4, Bach/Busoni Chaconne, Moszkowski Etincelles Op.35/6, Bach/Siloti B Minor Prelude).

If you do not know James Rhodes, I'd thoroughly recommend this. How to be sensitive AND exciting all at once. I love his interpretations. Great disc! How fabulous it arrived on a day when I was able to listen to it properly.

After lunch:
Mozart - Quintet K614, Quartets K458 & K428

In the car on the way to see XH558 (Vulcan) arrive at Brize Norton:
Horrors - Primary Colours (end)
Arctic Monkeys - Favourite Worst Nightmare
Radiohead - In Rainbows (start)

Back home:
Bach - French Suite No.5 (James Rhodes disc again)

On TV tonight, the Prom:
Elgar - Overture "Cockaigne"
Delius - The Song of the High Hills
Holst - The Planets

I think that's it for today. If there's anything else goes on tonight, I'll report back tomorrow. Think the plan is to go to bed with the TV on though - and it's not music stuff tonight!! Do hope you're enjoying all this!!

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