Friday, 24 July 2009

Friday 24th July 2009

Wow, it's been quite a day. Deep breath, here goes:

Car to work this morning:
Green Day - American Idiot

At work, on iPlayer, while filing invoices:
Mahler 9, Prom from Monday, LSO, Haitink *YOU MUST LISTEN THIS WEEKEND - GORGEOUS*

On phone, while walking:
Handel - Dixit Dominus & Nisi Dominus (very old faves of mine)

Then the twitter "Beethoven number" thing started. The idea being that you have a "Beethoven number", which is the numbers of your fave-least fave Beethoven symphonies lined up in order (easier to explain when you haven't been on the beer, as I have now).

Copy from earlier facebook post:
Been playing a slightly mad "game" on twitter today. Loads of musical tweeps have been discussing their "Beethoven number" (put all symphonies in order, fave first, decreasing faveness) that's it! Mine is currently 396457812, but I've decided it's a variable rather than a constant! Been fierce debate about 9!! Twitter can be HILARIOUS sometimes!

So, my Beethoven number is 396457812 (although I still maintain it is a variable, not a constant).

Having established no Beethoven symphonies were installed on my phone, I found:
Beethoven 7 - on iPlayer. Kleiber :)
Was followed by Arvo Part - Fratres (violin & piano version)

Then to friend's house for lunch, accompanied by:
Vaughan Williams - Wasps (Radio 3)

Then watching slideshow made by my friend - music was:
Bach - Goldberg variations opening
Bach - St Anne Prelude (piano trans) opening

Then a drive home to:
The Horrors - Primary Colours (hope I can hear them live someday)

Once home, it was back to Beethoven:
Beethoven 9
Beethoven 3 (followed by Grosse Fuge)

Quite a day really. DO listen to the Mahler if you can. It's GORGEOUS.
And Beethoven 3 is definitely top of my list!

Oh, and a celebration for "A Year With My Ears"! My ears have received their first comment and now have a follower. They're chuffed to bits with this news. If I could waggle them I would, but I'll probably just give them a bit more Beethoven tomorrow as a treat!

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