Monday, 2 November 2009

Monday 2nd November 2009

Here are today's ears!

On a few short car trips, a bit more of:
Handel - Acis & Galatea

At home:
Beethoven - Triple Concerto
Brahms - Double Concerto
Mozart - Vesperae de Dominica, Vesperae Solennes de Confessore, Ave Verum
The Backhanded Compliments - EP
Faure - Piano Nocturnes 1-7
Pink Floyd - The Wall
Mozart - Violin Concerto No.4

That was it!


  1. I see you have a nice selection of Pink Floyd! We listen to a bit of that too in this household :)

  2. Excellent - I rather like Pink Floyd! The Wall is even on my top favourites list - it helps that I got to know it at college when I was at a very happy time of my life, so it has really good associations - despite being really quite dark!