Thursday, 5 November 2009

Thursday 5th November 2009

Today's ears started early!

At around 4am in bed:
Brahms - Piano Concerto No.1

When I got up properly:
Grieg - Piano Concerto
Schumann - Piano Concerto
Schumann - Papillons
(I had this on repeat for quite a long time)

Then I thought I'd have something a bit different:
Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP

This evening:
Mozart - Violin Concerto No.5, Sinfonia Concertante (Violin & Viola), Violin Concerto No.4

Then later:
Bruckner - Symphony No.1, Helgoland

Think I'll post this now - if there's anything that isn't just Bruckner 1 again, I'll add it afterwards, but I'm planning on sticking with Bruckner 1 tonight because it's good!

Comment: I had an argument with a school headteacher about Eminem. I was asked the question in interview "What would you do if a group of kids approached you and wanted to form a band based on Eminem's stuff?" I replied that I would say it was perfectly reasonable for them to use him as a MUSICAL model, but that some of his lyrics were not suitable for school! She grudgingly accepted the point about the musical model, but took massive issue with my "for school" and said that all words that he used should be banned etc etc etc (with which I rather disagreed). Needless to say, I wasn't offered the job!! Fighting with the headteacher at interview probably wasn't a good "getting employment" strategy, but I could never have worked with the woman in any case!!

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