Monday, 1 March 2010

Monday 1st March 2010

In the car, a bit more:
Shostakovich - Symphony No.10

At home:
Shostakovich - Symphony No.7
Shostakovich - Symphony No.8

It's Shostakovich at the moment then!


  1. Have you tried the Gergiev recording of no 15? It's amazing.

  2. No, but I'll look out for it now. Gergiev and Shostakovich is a special combination for me - was the very first concert I was well enough to go to after being too ill to go near a concert hall for years. After hours of gentle coaxing by the Wonderspouse I was persuaded to go, and he booked seats right by the door so I could escape if I needed.

    It was a great first concert back!!